Who We Are

Today, students are scaling heights generations before them could only dream of. They’re the founders of companies, pioneers of ground-breaking research, authors of books, publishers of music, and all before they’re legally allowed to vote. They are Sleep Deprived Dreamers, working towards their goals in the world of the awake.

However, many of these students find themselves on an isolated journey, carving out a path with a set of tools - blunt with inexperience. How do you even create your first song? Represent your country in a debate? Write your first novel? 

At Sleep Deprived Dreamers, we believe that students learn best under the guidance of those who have travelled this journey before them! We hand-pick the most talented instructors in the world to create courses across a variety of domains: from developing and finding key extra-curricular activities to writing your college essay.

Shaurya Sinha
Founder and CEO, Sleep Deprived Dreamers

Shaurya is a content creator, entrepreneur, and student at Stanford University. Till date, his videos on the college application process have been viewed by over 2,700,000 people globally. At Sleep Deprived Dreamers, Shaurya helps develop courses that encourage students to step outside of the classroom. A filmmaker at heart, Shaurya spends all of his time creating and sharing his stories with the world. At every possible hour of the night, you can catch him sitting with an inhumanely large popcorn bowl and a new film - both of which are devoured instantly.

Misha Bhagchandani
Chief of Operations, Sleep Deprived Dreamers

Currently pursuing a degree in Commerce, Misha’s interests lie in writing, marketing, and expressing herself in the most creative way possible! She can, modestly, absolutely kill it while working in collaborative environments, and is always ready to inspire but more importantly be inspired. As Head of Operations, Misha ideates and strategises content for the Instagram page, handles a little bit of administrative work, and creates detailed plans for Digital Marketing campaigns.

Mumtaz Fatima
Chief of Marketing, Sleep Deprived Dreamers

Mumtaz is a digital marketing strategist during the day and a mind reader (business psychology enthusiast) by night. When she’s not devising social media strategies or supervising teams at SDD, you can find her swamped in business psychology books and case studies at her desk. She’s an ENTJ (Myers-Briggs test, anyone?) and loves spending her free time listening to people’s stories during long lunches.