How to Create a
Standout Extracurricular

When you're a single application among thousands, you need more than just compelling marks and test scores to lift off the paper. You need to step outside of the classroom and dedicate yourself to an activity that speaks for itself. An extracurricular so impressive that it stands out. Now here’s the question everyone asks. 

"What Extracurricular activity should I pursue?"

Except that's the wrong question! In this program, you'll learn that it doesn't matter what activity you take up - it matters how far you take it. To make your activity stand out, it needs to be more than unique. It should complement your natural inclinations, it should be a field you can achieve in, and most importantly, it should be an extracurricular you thrive in.


In this program of 14 episodes, we’re going to throw the word passion out of the classroom and lay down tangible principles that Shaurya has learned over the last 5 years. These principles helped him carve out his own stand-out extracurricular activity, and now we're going to share them with you. Check out our Syllabus below!

Episodes included:

  • Wayfinding
  • The Law of Underscheduling
  • Aptitude Assessments
  • DMC's
  • The Golden Circle

Chapter 1: The Compass & The Map

80% of students don't know what they want to accomplish in life, and why. In the first chapter, we’re going to make you a part of the 20% and help you overcome the pressure behind passion.

We're going to do this by observing your current activities and categorizing them through our energy, engagement, and flow exercise. Towards the middle, we’ll give you the very first Sleep Deprived Dreamers card game to uncover what you truly stand for. Finally, in episode five, the Golden Circle, we will help you highlight stand out moments in your life, draw parallels, and craft your first 'Why' statement.

Chapter 2: Range

The Ukrainian boxer Vasyl Lomachenko set a record for the fewest fights needed to win world titles in 3 different weight classes. This very boxer took four years off boxing as a kid to learn traditional Ukrainian dance. According to Vasyl, it was this experimentation with different activities that enhanced his abilities. In this chapter, we’re going to experiment with the extra-curricular activities (ECA) you’re currently pursuing, take them through our ECA framework, and finally determine what field you have the best chance of standing out in. We're also going to equip you with the SDD Resource Handbook that will help you discover a multitude of opportunities in every ECA you could possibly imagine.

Episodes included:

  • 3 Steps Forward
  • The Expert Interview jdisajfioklad
  • Resource Handbook
  • ECA Validation

Episodes included:

  • Ascending the Pyramid 
  • Net worth = Network jdisajfioklad
  • Highlight, Laser, & Energise
  • The Law of Innovation
  • Intersectionality

Chapter 3: Mastery

Welcome to the last chapter of this program: Mastery. Inspired by the famous Robert Greene novel, in this final series, we’re going to bring all of your learnings in the previous chapters to a boil. To begin with, we’re going to look at the anatomy of an extracurricular, and how you can create a spike using the LAR model of Legitimacy, Achievement, & Recognition. In the Law of Innovation, we’re going to study the failed-simulation-effect hypothesis, and the advantage of pursuing particular activities over others. Closing the program, in Intersectionality, we’ll study the value of looking at yourself as an intersection of multiple experiences, ideas, and interests. That brings us to the end of the How to Create a Standout Extracurricular Activity program!

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